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Lecture Topics

Jan 901-intro.pdf

Jan 1102-specialized_computing.pdf

Jan 1303-graphs.pdf
Readings: Textbook chapter 2

Jan 1804-hls_flow_and_arch_exploration.pdf
Readings: Textbook chapter 3,4

Jan 2005-compilers_control_flow.pdf

Jan 2306-compilers_data_flow.pdf

Jan 25legup_handout.pdf

Jan 3007-scheduling_exact.pdf
Readings: Textbook chapter 5 (up to and including 5.4.2)

Feb 608-scheduling_heuristic.pdf
Readings: Rest of chapter 5

Feb 13 – Creating an LLVM Pass. addertosubtractor.cpp addertosubtractor.h

Feb 1509-scheduling_modulo.pdf

Feb 2710-binding.pdf
Readings: Textbook chapter 6

Mar 6project_outline.pdf

Mar 8 – OpenCL example 11-opencl.pdf main.cpp

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